Swift treatment of Boron deficiencies.

  • Liquid fertilizer in which Boron is bound to organic molecules; this allows uniform absorption in foliar treatments.
  • Suitable for foliar application or fertigation for boron deficiencies.
  • A full mix of nutrient, ideal to prevent or recover from iron deficiencies.
  • Utilized to improve blossoming and fruit setting.
  • Suitable for vegetables, sunflowers, cotton, tobacco, apples, pears.




Boronethanolamin 11,0%
Water-Soluble Boron 150g B/ltr
pH (1% solute) 7.7
Color Light yellow

Active Boron 9% IDHA can be used to prevent or recover from iron deficiencies. Avoid applying when temperatures are high; recommended for early morning or late afternoon nutrition.

For excellent results, make sure that plants are well-watered and leaves torn before applying any dosage.

Shake well before use.



In fertigation, foliar sprays and hydroponics.

For foliar applications: 50-200 cm3/100 lt/application

The above dosages are recommended by Gavriel ltd. It is suggested to consult your local agronomist for an elaborate dosage plan for your crop.

Do not mix with oils, summer slurries, and other alkaline action formulations. Do not mix with acidic products. It can be combined with all common pesticides.

BOTTLE 1 lt X 12 pieces in carton