The only directly biodegradable mixture of chelated trace elements.

  • A full mix of nutrient, ideal to prevent and recover lack of nutrients.
  • All nutrients are immediately available for plants.
  • All chelates are actively biodegradable which means that they do not lead to gradual soil degradation, toxic effects, and reduced production.
  • Suitable for corn, vines, citrus, pomegranates, vegetables.
Fe Iron complexed with IDHA 4.8%
Mn Manganese complexed with IDHA 2%
Zn Zinc complexed with IDHA 0,4%
Cu Copper complexed with IDHA 0,4%
Boron 2%
Molybdenum 0,2%

Active Idha Mix can be used anytime to prevent or recover from the lack of nutrients.


Fertigation, foliar sprays and hydroponics.

For fertigation: 0,5-1 kg/ acre   

For foliar sprays: 100-200 g/ 100 lt/ acre.

The above dosages are recommended by Gavriel ltd. It is suggested to consult your local agronomist for an elaborate dosage plan for your crop.

To combine with other micronutrients, use only chelated forms. Try to avoid sulphur forms.

Plastic Box 5 kg
Plastic Box 1 kg X 12 pieces in carton
Bags 25 kg

Nutrients included in this product

Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum, Boron