100% Water Soluble Crystallic Fertilizer

  • Full range of NPK crystalline and 100% water-soluble fertilizers. Available in various types, e.g. COMPLET SOLUBLE 21-21-21 + TE, COMPLET SOLUBLE 06-55-17 + TE, COMPLET SOLUBLE 13-36-12 + 2MgO + TE, COMPLET SOLUBLE 16-8-32 + 2MgO + TE etc
  • They do not contain chlorine, sodium and heavy metals.
  • The purity of the raw materials they contain makes them ideal for use in fertilization as well as in foliar applications.
  • They enable the choice of the ideal type of fertilizer for targeted fertilization, adapted to each growing stage of the crop, without wastage.
  • Some types are also enhanced with magnesium and all types are enriched with a rich blend of trace elements with the unique direct biodegradable chelated trace elements that are available in the Greek market, ACTIVE IDHA chelated trace elements.
  • We produce any type of fertilizer on demand
Total Nitrogen 20%
Nitrogen Ammonium 1.6%
Nitric Nitrogen 3.6%

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)

100% Water Soluble




  • Suitable for greenhouse and open field crops.
  • Suitable for vegetables, vegetables, horticulture, floriculture, corn, vineyard, etc.


Complet Soluble is suitable for fertigation and foliar application.

 FOLIAR APPLICATION: 100-400 gr. to 100 lt water

Fertigation: 2-5 kgr/acre

Dosages are indicative, you should always seek the opinion of a local agronomist.

Complet Soluble combines with most pesticides.
They are not combined with copper, oily and calcite or very alkaline formulations.

Sack of 25 kgr to palette of 1050kgr

Suitable for Cultivations: