The best way of immediate feeding of plants with phosphorus!

 Fertiplant MAP is the richest fertilizer to water-soluble phosphorus, that contributes to:

  • creation and development of the root system, offers rapid and strong growth in plants,
  • boost the blossom
  • high level of water solubility
  • Free of Chlorine, Sodium and heavy metals 
  • Due to low, is used as an oxidizing agent in nutrient mixtures. It neutralizes the pH of the spraying solutions and keeps the soil pH low by increasing the availability of trace elements to the plants.
Total Nitrogen 12%
Amonnium Nitrogen 12%
Phosphorus pentoxide  (P2O5)100% WATER SOLUBLE 61%
Phosphorus elemental 26.6%
pH to solute 1% 4.4-4.8
Solubility to g/l 380 to 20 0C

Ideal type of fertilizer for the first stages of cultivation, when the needs for phosphorus are high.

Way Of Application:

MAP can be applied by fertigation or foliar spray or hydroponic.


Το FERTIPLANT ΜΑΡ must not be mixed with fertilizers that contain calcium ex. nitric calcium, because there is a chance of sediment formation.

Non compatibles products, can be used only in seperate tanks.

Accurate dosing should be obtained after soil analysis and leaf-diagnostics. Take advise from local agronomist.

Sacks of 25 kgr to pallet of 1050 kgr

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