The richest fertilizer to the earth!

  • The best combination of phosphorus and potassium. The richest fertilizer with 86 units of nutrition.
  • Perfect fertilizer for late fertilization applications where we intentionally want to avoid the application of nitrogen.
  • You can select the source of nitrogen
  • Free of Chlorine, Sodium and heavy metals 
  • It has low electrical conductivity and there is no risk of burns when applying foil.
  • Due to low pH and it can be used foliar in combination with pesticides, neutralizes the pH of the spraying solutions and increases their effectiveness.
  • It acts as a fungicide. MKP is very effective in controlling and reducing the appearance of powdery mildew in a large number of sensitiveness fruits such as grapes, apples, nectarines, roses, melons, watermelons and cucumbers.




Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5 ) 100% Water-Soluble 52%
Phosphorus elemental 22.7%
Potassium Oxide (Κ2Ο) 100% Water-Soluble 34%
Potassium elemental 28.2%
pH to solute 1% 4.4-4.8
Solubility to g/l 230 to 20 0C

When used in the early stages of cultivation, it supplies with phosphorus and potassium the culture. You can select the source of nitrogen.

When used in later stages, it obstructs vegetative growth of plants and force cropping.

Way Of Application:

MKP can be applied by fertigation or foliar spray or hydroponic.

MKP Fertiplant combined with fungicides against powdery mildew, Alternaria disease, downy mildew etc. Also, MKP Fertiplant is compatible with the most of pesticides.

MKP does not mixed with fertilizers that contains calcium

Not compatible fertilizers can used simuteniously only in seperate dismantling tanks.

We suggest making a compatibility test before mixing with other components in tank.

Accurate dosing should be obtained after soil analysis and leaf-diagnostics. Take advise from local agronomist.

Sack of 25 Kgr to pallet of 1050 Kgr

Suitable for crops:

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Additional Information about Nutrients:

Phosphorus, Potassium