Nitrogen and Phosphorus in a fertilizer that works as a solid acid!

  • An ideal ratio of phosphorus-nitrogen especially for the first stages of growing the crop when need a significant amount of phosphorus to ensure a lively and healthy root system.
  • High Water-Solubility
  • Phosphoric Urea considers as solid acid and does not have the disadvantages and risks of handling that appears liquid acids.
  • Due to high acidity prevents clogging of irrigation pipes and injectors.
  • Because of its acidifier effect, phosphorus adsorption increases and phosphorus is blocked from the soil. The same happens with trace elements such as iron (Fe), zinc (Zn) and manganese (Mn), whose availability increases as the pH decreases.


Total Nitrogen 18%
Uric Nitrogen 18%
Phosphorus pentoxide  (P2O5)100% WATER SOLUBLE 44%
Phosphorus elemental 19.2%
pH to solute 1% 1.8
pH to solute0.05% 2.8
Solubility to g/l 960 to 20 0C
100% Water Soluble


The ideal type of fertilizer for the first stages of cultivation, when the needs for phosphorus are high.

Way Of Application:

Fertiplant U.P. can be applied by fertigation or foliar spray or hydroponic.

     Not Combined with Nitric Calcium. Not compatible fertilizers can be used simuteniously only in seperate dismantling tanks.


    Accurate dosing should be obtained after soil analysis and leaf-diagnostics. Take advise from local agronomist.

    Sacks of 25 Kgr to pallet of 1050 kgr

    Suitable for Crops

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