FERTIPLANT Nitrate Potassium 13,5-0-46,2

Fruit improved qualitatively and quantitatively!

  • The best source of potassium for all growings phases of plant
  • Nitrate is in nitric form, that means is directly absorbed by plants
  • Nitrate ions improve the absorption of Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium from plants.
  • Free of Chlorine, Sodium and heavy metals 
  • High level of water solubility




Total Nitrogen 13,5%
Nitric Nitrogen 13,5%
Potassium Oxide (Κ2Ο) water-soluble 46,2%
Potassium elemental 38,4%
Physicochemicals Properties
pH to solute 5% 8-10
Solubility to g/l to 20 0C 316

The best source for Potassium with low ration nitrate and potassium 1:3. It is ideal for the blossom and fruitage period.

Way Of Application:

Fertiplant can be applied by fertigation or foliar spray or hydroponic.

Nitrate Potassium can be combined with all water-soluble ferilizers for better nutrition

Accurate dosing should be obtained after soil analysis and leaf-diagnostics. Take advise from local agronomist.

Sacks of 25 kgr to pallet of 1050 kgr

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