NUTRIMORE 21-7-17(Μ)+2MgO+Fe+Zn

 NUTRIMORE 21-7-17+2MgO+Fe+Zn :

  • Contains large quantities of Uric Nitrogen, 100% protected by the AGROTAIN urease inhibitor which contributes to zero nitrogen losses due to venting.
  • Does not contain any Nitric forms of nitrogen; therefore there are minimal losses due to rinsing and denitrification.
  • Contains phosphorus with over 95% solubility; a fact that renders it wholly available to plants.

With one application, your crop takes all the required ingredients of magnesium, iron and zinc

NUTRIMORE 21-7-17(Μ)+2MgO+1Fe+0.3Zn
Total Nitrogen 21%
Uric Nitrogen 0%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen  

Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)                                                                            100% Water citrate soluble, 95% Water Soluble

Water-soluble potassium oxide Κ2Ο 17%
Water Soluble sulfur trioxide (SO3)  
Water soluble Oxide of Magnesium MgO 2%
Iron 1%
Zinc 0.3%
This fertilizer is enhanced by AGROTAIN

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We can prepare any formula according to customer requirements.

Nutrimore 21-7-17(M)+2MgO+Fe+0,3Zn

is the ideal fertilizer for basic fertilization to nitrogen demanding crops. It also contains Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc.
Relevant crops: Sunflower, Olive tree, Kiwi




OLIVE TREES    2-4 kg/acre
KIWI 70-90 kg/acre

The above dosages are recommended by Gavriel ltd. It is suggested to consult your local agronomist for an elaborate dosage plan for your crop.

PACKAGE: Sacks of 25 kgr to pallet of 1400 kgr

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