Feed Grade

  • Suitable for obstruction of nozzles
  • Can be used as phosphoric fertilizer.
  • Perfect for fixing the pH.
H3PO4       85%
Ρ2Ο5 63%

It is applied via fertigation. Before and after application clean the irrigation system with water and especially the metal parts to avoid corrosion

For obstruction of nozzles:

  •  To ground without crop, 7 kgr/acre.
  • To ground with crops 1-2 kgr/acre.

Before any appliance take advice from local agronomist.

Συνίσταται πριν την χρήση του, δοκιμή συνδυαστικότητας με τα άλλα προϊόντα. 

Does not combine with organic fertilizers e.x. organic iron and fertilizers that contain calcium or magnesium. 

Before use, make a compability test.



 PACKAGE: Can of 35 kgr & Carton with 4 cans x 8 kgr

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