Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

To cultivate a better future for everyone.

The future belongs to those who nurture it. The Greek company GAVRIEL constantly invests on research, technology, innovation, quality and human relations. Therefore, today, we possess a leading position in the sector of plant nutrition. We own 2 ultramodern factories and we provide a wide range of top-quality granular and water-soluble fertilizers, fully responding to our clients’ needs. As quality, value-for-money and effective fertilizers by GAVRIEL are a synonym of increased yield, highest profit and more satisfied clients.

Our Values

Credibility and ethics characterize all of our activities, as we consider them to be a basic prerequisite for the establishment of solid business relations that secure the viability and future of our company.

Trust towards our clients
We build collaborations based on trust and respect. We make sure that all of our activities serve the interests and needs of our clients and of the Greek farmers. We develop collaborations, we foresee future needs and we intend to cover these before they emerge. We are well aware that our future is based on theirs.

Faith in the human factor
We invest in human resources and we select people eager to work. We have highly-qualified and experienced personnel of 20 scientists-agriculturists, staffing the sales and technical departments of our company. This way, we can fully cover our clients’ needs before and after sales.

Respect towards the environment
Our work is related to and has a direct impact on the environment. The future of our company depends on the sustainable future of agriculture. For this reason, we ought to look for and promote products that are environmentally friendly. Within the framework of this search, over the past few years we have been exclusively distributing in the market the range of NUTRIMORE fertilizers containing the AGROTAIN urease inhibitor for zero nutrition loss, as well as the ACTIVE IDHA range of chelated trace elements – the only directly biodegradable chelated trace elements available in the Greek market.