Quality & Services

Our company takes all measures and guarantees the excellent quality of its products.
We supplied all materials by the largest producer worldwide.
It is no coincidence that our customers have identified us with the excellent quality of our products.


  • Very Often, representatives of the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND THE GENERAL CHEMISTRY OF THE STATE carry out to samples from the ships’ holds and control the chemical composition of fertilizers.
  • Fully automated production lines guarantee the high quality ofcomposition of our products.
  • We perform sampling checks at regular intervals.
  • The production of Bulk Blending is controlled 12 times per minute by computer sensor to ensure that the blend is perfect.
  • Our packaging lines are technologically advanced and our packaging materials are part from high standards. Our sacks are waterproof and provide sun protection while our pallets are coated with waterproof film and provide extra sun protection, ensuring excellent protection for the packaged product.

Quality Assurance