GAVRIEL has begun a collaboration agreement with the American Colossus Compass Minerals for innovative WolftraX DDP trace elements. DDP trace minerals enhance plant performance, help to preserve the substances better and contribute to the immediate development of the root system.

Take Control of Early-Season Nutrition with Nu-Trax™ P+

  • Phosphorus-based fertilizer designed to provide better early season nutrition to crops
  • Custom blend of phosphorus, zinc, manganese and nitrogen
  • Success early in the season sets the stage for a more fibrous root system that is better able to handle environmental stress while maximizing yield potential

The Right Ratio of Nutrients

In spring fertilizer trials, we’ve shown that the CropStart™ Nutrient Package works to give your crops a strong start.
The CropStart Nutrient Package is a scientifically derived balance of nutrients:

  • P2 O5 (25%)
  • zinc (20%)
  • manganese (5%)
  • nitrogen (4%)

These nutrients are known to be needed by young seedlings, but are difficult to access early in the season or in cold, wet soils.

EvenCoat™ Technology

Traditional granular phosphorus and zinc fertilizers are difficult for young plant roots to access. These nutrients are immobile in the soil and granular phosphorus ties up easily.

That means if young plant roots are not close to applied nutrients, early season deficiencies can occur. With EvenCoat™ Technology, Nu-Trax P+ is easily coated onto dry fertilizer creating a consistent blend. This allows for blanket-like distribution in the field and more points of interception for young crops.

Early, easy access to essential nutrients is one more way Nu-Trax P+ sets crops up for success.

PlantActiv™ Formulation

Nu-Trax P+ is chemically and physically designed for better nutrient availability. Formulated as a fine powder, the particle size is ideal for plant uptake.