We have strived to disseminate our high quality standards to partners from all over the globe. This has translated into healthy collaborations, trustworthy partnerships and steadfast growth for all of our clients.

Our company is defined by its extroversion, its future-oriented goals, and its willingness to expand without limits. We have already solidifed our business activities with partners in Albania, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Kosovo, Lebanon, Malta, North Macedonia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Syria, Turkey, Taiwan, the United Kingdom; for this reason we can confidently claim that our products are proven in multiple environments. We show constant export growth, while our international market shares increase steadily. 

All of the above are just a glimpse of our extroverted idiosyncracy, and also a important aspect of our future objectives.


Build with us. Join our growth. Be a part of our extroversion.

We are expanding

Our knowledge of the greek market has grown into healthy extroversion. We are aiming to propagate our methods into novel collaborations from all around the world. We are determined to adapt, expand, and grow while maintaining our core principles and values.