• AGROTAIN© travels alongside Urea and reaches the soil.
  • There, AGROTAIN© comes across Urease enzyme and blocks it.

Urease enzyme reacts catalytically and is responsible for the fast hydrolysis of common Urea (Urea transforms to Ammoniacal Nitrogen).

  • AGROTAIN© doesn’t stop the procedure of hydrolysis, it just slows it down.
  • Urea hydrolysis begins right away, just not massively. The procedure elongates for at least 2-3 weeks. The Nitrogen supply rate is even and extended.
  • AGROTAIN© presence prevents the pH of the soil from increasing. NUTRIMORE usage, contrary to common Urea usage, doesn’t increase the soil pH.
  • The losses due to gasification of Nitrogen are set to zero, so plants get all the Nitrogen we pay for.


If does not write Agrotain is not Agrotain


  • AGROTAIN is the officially patent of the American company Koch. The genuine urease inhibitor NBPT has the trade name AGROTAIN and the fertilizers that contained are listed on their packaging powered by AGROTAIN. If there is not show the logo of AGROTAIN is simple imitation, with reduced effectiveness.
  • Only Koch and Gavriel LTD have made experiments proving the effectiveness of AGROTAIN. For the other “imitators” of AGROTAIN, there have been no experiments to prove their effectiveness.
  • The effectiveness of AGROTAIN is a combination of 2 things. The NBPT molecule and its accompanying substances are critical to its efficacy. The AGROTAIN imitations contains the active substance NBPT, unspecified production,origin and different accompanying (auxiliary) substances. For this reason, these fertilizers are unstable, degraded quickly, are immediately deactivated and have a much lower efficiency than NUTRIMORE fertilizers containing the original AGROTAIN. In addition, because of their instability, the storage time of these products is very limited.
    If does not write AGROTAIN, it is not AGROTAIN!
  • AGROTAIN© is an urease inhibitor with NBPT as the main active ingredient as well as a unique mix of excipients.
  • AGROTAIN© is an exclusive patent of Koch Agronomic Services LTD, manufactured in the USA.
  • Koch Company is a global colossus in the field of inhibited fertilizers production. It is the largest producer of inhibited fertilizers yearly, with presence in more than 60 countries.
  • Our company is the exclusive distributor of AGROTAIN© for Greece, Cyprus, and Albania and promotes the full-range line of NUTRIMORE fertilizers.
  • AGROTAIN© is a certified urease inhibitor in accordance with the European Regulation E.C. 2003/2003 concerning fertilizers