Our growth

The largest private Greek company in the sector of plant nutrition.

Owners of three top-of-the-notch factories in Argos, Volos and Kavala. With a sound financial profile that allows for robust collaborations with the largest international fertilizer producers.

Our name

Quality, flexibility, convenience achieved through a range of granular and water soluble fertilizers.

Employing a firm network of agronomists throughout Greece, whose aim is to tend to clients needs with the utmost care and attention. Seeking innovation in new technologies and smart products. Utilizing innovation to improve product efficiency, yield potential and profit maximization.

Our network

Active in both the national and international market.

Our products have already gained the trust of the Greek market. Yet we feel the urge to enlarge our objectives, by propagating our healthy network of partners in the global market. We are working day an night to grow our export network and create long-lasting relationships with new companies. We have already grown tremendously: from China to the Balkans we maintain a robust network of partners.