Our Vision

To cultivate a better future for everyone.

The future belongs to those who nurture it. We constantly invest on our research and innovation networks. We focus on expanding our horizons, enriching our knowledge, and collaborating with those who produce and disseminate knowledge. For this reason we have funded research for the University of Thessaly; production and propagation of knowledge is what we strive to.

To this day, we have acquired a leading position in the sector of plant nutrition. We own two ultramodern factories from which we are able to provide a wide range of granular and water soluble fertilizers, relevant to our client requirements. Our future goes in parallel to our clients welfare, a well-being that is constantly nurtured by our products. Our aim is to increase yields, create win-win situations and ensure the highest benefit for the lowest cost. We firmly believe that our clients are not just working with Gavriel, they are Gavriel.

Our Values

Credibility, Trust, Welfare, Sustainability.

We firmly believe that there is no future for those that venture without trust and accountability. We consider such values to be a basic prerequisite for the establishment of solid business relations.

Instead of building typified business relations, our aim is to fashion trust to and fro our clients. Where others build business acquaintances we construct relationships of trust, where others see impersonal we see personal. We always build collaborations based on credence and respect. We make sure that all of our activities serve our clients’ interests, therefore, we may safely claim that our objective is to develop true collaborations.

Further to that, it is our unconditional belief to put faith in the human factor. We invest a whole lot in human resources and we always choose eager, visionary partners. We have established a highly-qualified, experienced network of 20 agronomists who shelter the most integral sectors of our company. This allows us to be highly attentive to the details of our clients needs, long before they emerge. It is truly the human factor that makes us who we are and what defines our care and attention to detail.


We will never be ignorant to the environmental toll of agriculture. Given that our work is directly related to the environment, we recognise the important role we have been bestowed. For this reason we feel deeply obliged to create circumstances of lower environmental impact, and promote the use of sustainable agricultural practices. Within this line of though, we have been truly invested in distributing the exclusive Nutrimore fertilizers. This range of fertilizers contains the Agrotain urease inhibitor that minimizes nutrient loss by making sure that Nitrogen is not washed out. Similarly, the Active IDHA trace elements ensure that whatever is comes into the ground, truly ends up in plants. This creates a framework of zero-waste that truly encompasses our objectives.

We understand your needs

In a tough fertilizer market, Gavriel has shown steadfast growth, firm adaptability, and continuous loyalty to its partners. We thoroughly understand the market conditions and we strive to amend them. Our goals are not just mottos, they are part of our idiosyncracy; something that we will preserve no matter what.

We invest in human relations

Gavriel employees are inspired by the company’s vision. They will always treat you with trust, respect, and credibility to create the necessary circumstances for a sustainable collaboration.

What goes in, stays in

Our environmental awareness proves our commitment to fulfilling our vision. That is why our products are equipped with the most apt technology to combat the environmental impact of fertilizers. By choosing Gavriel you know that whatever goes into the ground, stays in the ground and is safely absorbed by plants.