Quality and Services

Our company undertakes all necessary measures to maintain the renowned quality of its products. By maintaining solid relations with international partners, Gavriel obtains the most legitimate raw materials in the world. It is not accidental that the name Gavriel has been connected to quality.

Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece frequently take samples to check the chemical composition of our fertilizers.

At the same time, fully automated production lines secure the guaranteed composition of our products. Sample tests are performed on a regular basis, and production is computer-reviewed 12 times/minute to ensure optimal blending.

Packaging material is of the most stringent specifications. Bags are water-resistant and equipped to preserve products from UV radiation. Palettes are covered with water-resistant film for extra protection against UV radiation. All of the above are part of our quality-oriented vision that guarantees the impeccable quality of the packaged product.

As GAVRIEL wishes to comply with all the standards throughout its operating processes, it has acquired the ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION.

Here you can find the Quality Policy of Gavriel Company.

computer checks per minute