Zinc DDP® Boosts Crop Performance

  • Scientifically designed for better plant availability and earlier uptake
  • Guaranteed analysis of 62.0% zinc
  • Very low heavy metal content, ensuring handling and environmental safety


Even. Better.

Through patented EvenCoatTechnology, Wolf Trax DDP®micronutrients coat each and every granule of a fertilizer blend. This results in even distribution across the field, placing the nutrients closer to plant roots for earlier plant uptake.


Earlier Uptake

Wolf Trax Zinc DDP features the PlantActiv Formulation, which optimizes particle size for earlier plant uptake. The nutrients are also formulated to resist soil tie-up and remain plant-available.


Long-Lasting Nutrition

Wolf Trax Zinc DDP features DUAL ACTION Availability, which provides plants the nutrition they need throughout the growing season. One source of zinc is quickly available for plant uptake, while the other source releases more slowly. With this DUAL ACTION Availability, plants benefit from early and prolonged feeding of zinc.


The Role of Zinc in Crop Production

  • Zinc is an essential micronutrient for the growth, development and reproduction of plants
  • Zinc deficiency in crops is the most common micronutrient problem in the world
  • Zinc malnutrition has become a major health burden and one-third of the world’s population is reported at risk of zinc malnutrition due to inadequate intake through food